Thursday, March 27, 2008

Traveling with Toddler


As a native of Florida, I have always felt a deep connection to the event known as "Spring Break!" Each year, our beach community braces itself as college students from around the country descend, in search of warm-weather fun! Maybe that's why I haven't ever been able to really give up on celebrating Spring Break myself. Each year, Drew and I hit the road in search of our own Spring Break adventure. In a few days, we'll embark on our trip to Alabama to visit grandparents and cousins.

I love traveling with my toddler! His perspective on the world is fascinating. He provides a steady stream of conversation, and I feel like I'm seeing the world again for the first time through his little eyes. "Look Mommy! A cow! Horses, over there. That is a farm. Look - a queen!!!"(when he saw an inflatable version of the Statue of Liberty waving people into a car dealership).

I have traveled this stretch of interstate hundreds of times over the past ten years, but I am looking forward to seeing it in a new way next week. If all goes smoothly, we're in for a special time of bonding, just me and my son. And if it doesn't go just like I envision it: well, there's always the DVD player and a few Diego videos ready to go, too! Look for more of our Spring Break adventures coming soon!

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