Wednesday, August 19, 2009

To Preschool - AND BEYOND!

I thought I had him convinced. Something more mature this year. Something understated and, well, just not so GLOSSY.

But the lure of the Disney store proved too powerful, and the half-priced Superhero backpacks and lunch boxes just wouldn't be ignored.

So, while I'd hoped for something camoflauged or sports-themed, we are now the (VERY) proud owners of a Buzz Lightyear backpack and matching lunch tote.

My very wise friend (and mother of four boys) advised me to cherish these days. Before I know it, my son will be begging me to stop sending him to school with anything except a brown bag lunch with his name scribbled in marker.

So, today, I will be grateful that my little boy is still enticed by the antics of a spaceman and his friends.

Buzz Lightyear - to the rescue!


Two Shades of Pink said...

Oh this makes me have a bittersweet feeling in my heart. School is just around the corner for my girls and I am not sure I am ready. I also think Buzz is perfect. I, like you, want to dress and accessorize my children according to my tastes. Pink, blinky shoes are not the top of my list but what can you do? Like you said, it will not last forever.

Christy said...

ooooh how much were the lunchboxes? And did they have a lot left? I cannot find a cheap one for Logan.

Kookie Krums said...

I so hear you, and was thankful when Hailey picked the pink polka dot. Although Tinkerbell and Fairy Princesses were a huge draw!! I'm proud of you for going with it. I always try to remember the words of a wise woman who told me that when my daughter looks like "that" in public, all adults will automatically assume she dressed herself that morning!! Gives me some measure of peace.