Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tough Decisions

Q:What do I use to keep my son's lunch cold when I failed to re-freeze his cold pack overnight?
A: Frozen limeade concentrate

Q: Do I give in when Drew pitches a fit in car line because he no longer wants to stay for lunch?
A: At almost 9 months pregnant, you bet I do. No lunch bunch. Done.

Q: Do I also give in when Drew decides to sob uncontrollably, begging not to go to school today?
A: At almost 9 months pregnant, I decide that I have the right to be completely inconsistent and DO NOT give in to this fight. He's going to school today.

Q: Do I carry my 43 lb child into class when he refuses to walk?
A: Yes... Yes I do.

Q: Do I decide, with his teacher's full support, that he is just fine and needs to be left at school in order to avoid encouraging this type of behavior in the future?
A: Yes, even though it results in a need for both physical strength from the teacher (prying his screaming body off of mine) and mental strength from me (just walk toward the door, just walk toward the door).

Q: Do I go home and clean up a little for the cleaning lady.
A: Normally, I would. But at almost 9 months pregnant, you've gotta be kidding me.

Q: When, exactly, do I need to call my doctor if I've been having contractions amidst the chaos of the morning and they've pretty much been 4 minutes apart all day?
A: I'll get back to you on that one.... still haven't decided.

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Two Shades of Pink said...

Now see, I did not respond to your email because I figured you have been preggo before and off and on contractions are par for the course. But when they are 4 minutes apart and you tell me you will keep me posted if you progress (which you have) but you don't keep me posted unless keeping me posted means a blog post...well...I will consider myself posted. Now I am off to dial your digits...and mumbling something about stubborn pregnant women always seem the last to know they are possibly in labor...