Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Day of Rest

I am beginning to wonder what, exactly, it might take to slow my four year old down. Don't get me wrong, I don't want him to experience any kind of physical injury or illness.

But lately it seems like the normal ailments don't slow him down even a little bit. Gone are the days when a runny nose equaled snuggle time on the couch. I've said good-bye to the memories of a child finding comfortable rest in my arms.

Now, he orders up a dose of Tylenol and is on his way.

Today, I kept him home from school when his morning started with a bout of tummy trouble. I fed him a popsicle for breakfast and spread his blanket and favorite pillow across the living room couch. Over the course of the next hour, he let the popsicle melt on the coffee table while he practiced his somersaults over the couch arms and built forts with the pillow and blanket.

Then, he was off to the backyard for some swinging and climbing. Not long after that, I found myself holding him up while he attempted to roller blade down the driveway.

After 2 laps around the block (first time on the bike and second time on the big wheel), I figured he'd be tired enough for a little nap. I figured wrong.

Feeling a little restless myself, we buckled up and headed for the mall. On the way home, he lost 6 consecutive rounds of the "Quiet Game" but beat my socks off at the "Loudest of All" game.

Now, he's chasing a dog around the living room.
And daddy's just walked through the door.
Which means I may just survive this day of rest after all.

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Surviving 4 said...

That's hilarious :) Yeah, I just don't understand these kids. Don't they know how glorious a sick day - complete w/ TV, naps, and popsicles - can be? I know I could use a day like that. (Of course, Emily is just like me. She's the one kid that could have a sick day every day. Her favorite line in the morning is "I so sick. I can't go to school today.")