Thursday, July 8, 2010

Two Words

They were just two words.

But as my husband so succinctly put it the other day, those two words "just changed the game".

About two weeks ago, Drew began suffering from severe and frequent headaches. When he'd experienced five such headaches in five days, I called his pediatrician. They saw us that afternoon.

After a complete exam and many questions about his symptoms, his doctor referred us to a radiology center for an MRI to be performed. Because of his age (and the need for patients to lie perfectly still while the 45 minute procedure is performed), Drew had to be put under sedation for his brain scan. (That was a whole story unto itself, but it'll have to be for another day...)

And just like things seem to go for us, once he had the MRI, his headaches disappeared. Not a one since. We have been very grateful. I actually thought that when we brought his MRI results to the follow-up visit with the pediatric neurologist, they'd dismiss us with a diagnosis like, "Your kid just got a few headaches. Nothing wrong. Go home and enjoy your life."

Apparently, my husband was thinking along the same lines, because that was the "game" he had in his head, too.

So, you can imagine our surprise when I received a phone call from the pediatrician's office. According to the neurologist, who'd had a chance to review the images of Andrew's brain, there was a "small malformation", something they'd be more comfortable sending us to a neurosurgeon to review.

I grabbed a small post-it note and began scribbling. "Small malformation". "Structural Issue". That's all I wrote because it's all she could tell me. That, and the information for our new appointment with one of All Children's Hospital's pediatric neurosurgeons on Wednesday, July 14.

As I hung up the phone, I did the only thing I knew to do if I was going to make it the 8 more days until our appointment. I literally bowed my head and held up my hands. I think I just needed, in that moment, to physically give this one to God. Let me tell you, friends.... there is nothing like that "peace that passes all understanding" unless you experience it for yourself.

I called David a few minutes later and shared what I had been told. I'm so grateful to God for a smart, level-headed spouse. His response was, "Well, I guess that changes the game."

So, we're in pre-game warmups (read: praying a lot) and would love for you to join our team.

And until we know more, we're trusting "I AM". Because those two words will trump any doctor's two words any day.


Two Shades of Pink said...

Still praying friend...still, still, praying.

Beautiful Grace said...

Jenny, I just called Jessica and said, "Andrew, really? seriously". I will take your lead Jenny and since you are calm and leaning on Him, that is exactly what we will do. No worries! Just like you said, "what good does it do anyways". Just know that we are praying for you! Love you.

Pepin909 said...

We're blessed to be so close to All Children's!

Ashley said...

Jenny- praying for you all and especially for Drew. We used the pediatric neurosurgery team @ All Children's and really loved them, especially Dr. Carry (if she is still there). They are a good team, but of course the God of the universe is holding you in His righteous right hand. Trusting in His sovereignty with you.
Ashley Rigsby

Christy said...

My heart feels sick as I read those words. Praying hard.

Christy Odom said...

We will keep y'all in our prayers. Hang in there.

Christy and the boys

Kelly White said...

You know I'm on it girl! Praying. praying, praying! I love what the Lord told your Daddy, which he so beautifully conveyed in his post. "I will hold Andrew, and Jenny, and David in my arms and never let go...and Grandma and Grandpa too. Now, get some sleep." Sleep in the arms of Jesus, my precious friend!

Becky said...

Jenny -- Give Drew a big ole' hug for me!!! That little boy is so precious and know you'll have prayers coming from Afghanistan until I hear the next step. Love you guys and can't wait to see you soon!! Becky


Ashley, Dr. Carey is still there. A. M. Mama Drew is in good hands at ACH neurosurgery. We are praying!

jaguarfan904 said...

Jenny, praying for you and your little guy. Please keep us posted about the appointment tomorrow. You have been on my heart and I am encouraged by your organic approach to this; your child-like faith that no matter what the outcome that your Jesus is the one who will kit you up, hold you in His arms will carry you through no matter what. Much love girl!
Amy Watson