Monday, November 22, 2010



He's been crying for 30 minutes straight.
Sobbing hysterically.
Calming down until he remembers his horrible fate.
And he falls apart all over again.

My moms says it's as if I have a 14 year old girl in the background.
But it's just a five year old boy.
And he's broken-hearted.
He feels "mean and angry" inside.

Between the moans, he reminds me that the punishment is "just too much".
"I just can't take it!" he wails.
But I hold my ground.
And he remains...


From television.
For a day.

He was warned.
More than once.
But self-control eluded him.
Apparently, his rear end was just too funny.
After all, he referred to it at least seven times today as the punch line for his jokes.

He tried to negotiate.
He sacrificed gum and the gameboy for a week or more
If I would just reconsider the whole TV ban.
Unfortunately for my little briar rabbit,
I held my ground.

"But Mommy!" he started.
I stopped him short.
"No more Buts.
Or Butts.
Or TV."

He cried himself to sleep on our long ride home.
And I tucked him into bed without TV.
For one measly day.



Beautiful Grace said...

Oh Jenny! I so get it. You're such a good mommy for sticking with it. Good for you!!


My weapon is the Play Station for The Boy. We haven't had tv for over a year. It worlds well, too :)

Two Shades of Pink said...

I am fascinated with his negotiation tactics. But I am impressed with you more. I think I would have given in totally based on his lawyer tactics. Perhaps this profession is hereditary. My favorite line of today? Bleh.