Monday, February 21, 2011

Conversation Hearts

Three big hearts are stuck to our refrigerator door these days.

Each one bears the description of the "Love Language" most important to certain members of our family. The descriptions come from the "5 Love Languages" book (or online quiz if you need instant gratification like me!) by Gary Chapman.

My husband's heart says "Acts of Service", mine says "Words of Affirmation", and our Drew's heart says "Quality Time".

Realizing how different each of my "men" responds and relates to acts of love has left me sort of disheartened. After all, I'm so exhausted by the end of each day, they're lucky if I pour love in any shape or form into my family. How am I supposed to love them each in their own specific way.. and how am I EVER going to get the kind of love (read: TALKING, WORDS, SHARING, COMMUNICATION) that I need???

But God's really gotten a hold of me lately in the LOVE department. I am feeling challenged by how I love Him and how I show His love to others. So, I am determined to start with the people I truly love the most on this earth.

I really thought that the refrigerator hearts were going to be for my benefit only. After all, they are shades of pinks and reds, and I've penned the descriptions in hot pink sparkly paint. Virtual camoflauge to a man's eyes.

But something crazy has been happening over the last few days. Sure... I'm making an effort to spend more time with my son. And yes, I've been doing crazy things like cleaning out the garage and keeping the dishes out of the sink for my hubby.

But I've also been getting random text messages throughout the day with words of love from my husband. He's been thanking me for everything I do around the house. He's been pointing out his appreciation for things I didn't even know mattered to him.

And that... well, that fills this sparkly-pink-painted heart right up. (So much I may just go clean a bathroom!!)


Two Shades of Pink said...

This post was a happy heart post. I love this and this idea for the fridge is genius. Simple and yet yields HUGE benefits. My girls both have different languages too...Ella: Quality time. Cati: Affection. Hubby: Quality time. Me: Words of affirmation. Huh. I need some glitter and construction paper. I wonder if I have any lying around here somewhere... seriously though. I love this idea and I love that your hubs did not just read it. But he did it and loved you the way you needed. If that is not romantic I don't know what is. :)

Anonymous said...

That is really sweet and perfect blog for Valentine's Day theme.
Christine Taylor

Surviving 4 said...

I LOVE IT!!!! And I love you - because you are an inspired writer and dear friend. How about a visit the first week of April? CG and I are planning to bring all of the kiddos down for Spring Break and crash at her in-laws house. Then I can tell you how much more I LOVE and APPRECIATE who you are :)


Keep those sparkly hearts circulating. Sounds like it's working!