Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Name Should Have Been My First Clue

My husband and I started a new fitness program this week. So that I don't appear as if I'm endorsing any certain product or company, I won't share which workout program we're doing.

I'll just say this. It's CRAZY. LOCO. NUTS!

This intense cardio workout has me practically (and sometimes physically) on my knees begging for the clock to run out. But it's day 4 and the screaming muscles are starting to settle down into just whiny muscles. I can handle whiny.

So, I am hopeful that the workout itself won't make me lose my sanity. I'm afraid, though, that the distractions I face while doing the workout may just push me over the brink.

For instance, yesterday I couldn't squeeze forty minutes for me into the day until about 8 p.m. My husband was at a church meeting, so I put the baby to bed and let Drew accompany me to the garage where I began the video.

Four minutes in, my son decided to join me.

Eight minutes in, he decided he'd rather watch. (He would just need to take my floor mat so he'd have a comfortable place to sit.)

Nine minutes in, Miss M began to cry from her crib.

The video was paused.

Twelve minutes in, Miss M awoke again. I used the "water break" to find her misplaced pacifier.

Fifteen minutes in, a mosquito bit me for the second time.

Seventeen minutes in, a sales call's shrill ring echoed through the house phone and office fax line.

Seventeen minutes, 10 seconds in, Miss M began to cry again.

The video was paused.

Twenty minutes in, Drew barely missed my hand as he circled my pathetic push-up attempts with his bicycle.

Twenty-three minutes in, he asked me question # 47 about what I was doing.

Twenty-six minutes in, I told him to go take a fourteen minute shower.

The video was paused (he's not tall enough to turn on the shower by himself).

Thirty-six minutes in, a sopping wet, towel-clad Drew asked me question #48 (which I refused to answer because he had a watch and knew EXACTLY how much longer Mommy was going to be).

Forty minutes later I was tired, sweaty and grumpy.

I don't know if any of it had to do with the instructor on the other side of that computer screen, but I'm thinking that this whole workout idea might just be an exercise in insanity.


Susan T-V said...

You did great!! I think you could call that 'interval training.'


Oh I know. I know. Do I ever know. Perfectly composed.

Anonymous said...

Good job, Mom!! :) I am curious now as to what program this is; any clues?