Thursday, November 10, 2011

How I Kept Him Occupied

It takes a certain level of preparation to leave my house. Especially when I know that the dreaded errand ahead involves a certain discount superstore and a mile-long list that will force me to scavenge every square inch of said superstore.

With a baby in a cast (Yeah, I should post about that, shouldn't I?) and a boy recovering from dental surgery (yeah, that too) and a need to check SOMETHING off of our homeschool list for the day (Oh, yeah... did I mention that I've been homeschooling Drew this year?), I needed a creative way for everyone to survive our morning out.

The following list took approximately two minutes to compile and print. I quickly took a mental inventory of the subjects we've been studying and jotted down the following scavenger hunt checklist for the boy.

I grabbed the digital camera, my list, Drew's list, and a few snacks on my way out the door. We spent over an hour shopping, and I'm happy to report that both my children were enthusiastic and excited about the experience.

So, here's the list along with Drew's "answers" in picture form. Just in case you're looking for a new way to survive the same old errands today, too!

Something that starts with a "W"

Something that reminds you of what we learned about Plymouth Plantation:

Something that reminds you of the poem we're memorizing (don't ask!):

Something with the "CH" special sound:

Something smaller than 6 inches in length:

Something larger than 6 inches in length:

Something "Verde" (green):

Something Daddy would like:

One dozen of something:

One half dozen of something (2 drumsticks, 3 drums & 1 cymbal)

Something to add to your Christmas list:

Something with 2 syllables:

Something "Rojo" (red):

Something that costs 4 quarters:

Something to add to your Christmas list:

Something your friend Averi would like:

Something Miss M would like:

Something to add to your Christmas list (he could add as many as he wanted!):

Something more than $100.00

Something less than $5.00:

I hope to find a few minutes to document everything else that's been happening in our busy lives, including one VERY IMPORTANT decision my six-year old made just last night!