Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cheap Babysitter. Terrible History Teacher.

Drew and I have been studying American history together since the beginning of January. It's pretty interesting stuff... explaining the formation of our country to a six-year old. Trying to get him to understand just how AMAZING it is that we have certain freedoms (when those freedoms are all he's ever known, it's easy to assume everyone in the world lives the same way he does). It gives me a new appreciation for the great old US of A.

In my mind I figured the best way to sear history into his little head was to get up close and personal. The cost of a few plane tickets would surely be outweighed by the indelible impression a historical adventure would make. So we've begun to plan a trip to Philadelphia (to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall) and New York City (to meet Lady Liberty)!

If I'd only known sooner that there was a much cheaper, more highly inaccurate method of teaching history that really spoke to my six-year old:

After Thursday's history lesson was interrupted by my VERY excited son's recount of what REALLY happened to cause that big crack, I've added "The Pink Panther" to my ever-growing list of outlawed shows in our house!

At least until we're finished with "MY AMERICA and MY WORLD" for first graders.

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(Ri)Charmed said...

Nice! We're still trying to explain to Juju that cyclops are not sea creatures.