Friday, December 12, 2008


Thank you all for participating in my version of the Cool Christmas Giveaway. This was a really fun week to have a blog! I decided to mix it up a little with the way the winners were chosen and announced.

So... I'd like to introduce you all to Drew.
He'll take it from here:

So.. to recap, congratulations to:

Lora for winning the sets of Tiffany & Co. stationary;
Vickie (AnooCre8ion - how clever is that?) for winning the Tiffany For Men fragrance gift set;
and Melodee who will be receiving three GREAT books about raising boys!

I have a bonus surprise. Several of you didn't specify which prize you'd like. Whether you were just being sweet and complimentary (they're all great, I'd take anything) or indecisive (I don't know what to pick)... (which, by the way, sounds like our family every single night when it's dinner time, so I have a special place in my heart for you ladies...), Drew and I decided to put you "Undecideds" in a separate category to draw for an additional set of the "Drew" books.

Take it away, son:

Congratulations to Renee as well! I love this particular video because it just shows how confusing this time of year is for little ones ("What holiday are we celebrating this week???")

And oh how I WISH I had kept the video rolling. Because right after I stopped recording, he placed all the remaining names in the red bucket again, shook them up, pulled out an entry and shouted, "JOHN MCCAIN!!!"

Maybe I should send him a fragrance gift set...


melodee said...

Wow! What a great surprise - your email letting me know I won made my day! With our twin boys just turning one in November (and our girl turning three in January) - we will sure need those books!!

THANKS - and give Drew a hug for picking me!!

Melodee :)

Renee Swope said...

I LOVE the way you did the drawing. It was so fun to watch Drew pull the names. He's such a cutie!

I am so excited to be a winner. Thanks for the great give-aways!!!!!

Merry Christmas!

AnooCre8ion said...

Thank you so much. I am very excited to win the gift for Dad. My husband absolutely loves colognes so I know he will be happy to have a new one to add to his collection.

A big thank you to Drew for picking my name.

A blessed Christmas to all of you.
look out for an email with my address.