Friday, March 13, 2009

You have to pass the ball

My husband loves soccer. And with his sturdy build, physical endurance, and years of practice, he's a pretty good player!

When our son was born ( 9 lbs of pure boy ), my man was already sizing him up for his first pair of cleats and shin-guards.

Dreams of practices, drills, coaching and cheering filled his head...He was so excited about what it would be like when our son could finally share in his beloved sport.

While those dreams sat on the sidelines for a few years, Daddy continued to play the game himself while Mommy & Drew watched practices, drills, and cheered from the bleachers.

That is, until March 7...

Last Saturday, my husband stepped off the field as a player and donned the visor, whistle and clipboard of a coach.

And Drew took the field, in cleats, shin-guards, and a bright yellow jersey. Number 7.

My husband is now the coach - and grandparents, aunts and uncles keep me company on the sidelines.

I must admit, the skills and the drills leave a lot to be desired in 3-yr old soccer.

But I never imagined I could be so passionate about a sport until my eyes fell on that adorable Number 7 with the shaggy hair and the baggy shorts.

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Christy said...

awww he looks SO CUTE!!!