Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Linus had his blanket. I have these two items:

I never leave home without them.

From weeks 6-15 of my pregnancy, my chewing gum selection was limited to minty flavors only (Drew calls it the "spicy" gum). Around the 15 week mark, my tastes changed, and I've been addicted to the "FIRE!" (Again, Drew's word) variety ever since.

The bottle of pills... well, they have been a constant friend. And anyone who's know the perils of hyperemesis holds in her heart a special place for the makers of this anti-naseau medication.

So, I was just wondering: What's getting you through your day lately?

Did you have anything special (or crazy) that helped get you through your pregnancy?

I know a lot of expectant mommies right now and would love to pass along some tips from those of you who have been there, done that.


Adam said...

Umm...why does it have to be limited to pregnant MOMS???

Christy said...

for awhile it was sea bands and citrus altoids... glad those days are just a memory now! Hang in there, girl!

Mom2Drew said...

I'm an equal-opportunity blogger... so to clarify for Adam... we'd love to know what gets you guys through your day, too. Would you like to guest-post about items that help a man survive his wife's pregnancy?

Amber said...

I lived on sour patch kids and lemon heads while i was naseuous, I don't know why but the sweet with the sour really seemed to help. I'm sorry you feel so bad during pregnancy.

Surviving 4 said...

Well, you know me. TPN, a Zofran pump, and my sweet nurse Valerie were about the only things that kept me alive for 33 weeks of pregnancy w/ the twins. Although those few times I left the house, I carried a slice of grapefruit in my emergency bag, which I would periodically pull out and sniff. Weird, I know - but you do what you gotta do.

And for the really-no-faint-of-heart (or nauseous) to read: I sucked on a Gobstopper almost constantly during my 6th hospital stint. Tyler would empty my little bucket for me every few minutes and say, "Oh, you had a green one!" or "Purple, huh?" So gross, but it made us laugh a little.