Thursday, April 19, 2012


I'm checking and double-checking the invitation.

Correct date, correct time, no misspelled words.

But each and every time I glance at the card, something just doesn't look right...

That declaration:
"It's Drew's 7th Birthday!"

That's the part that doesn't look right. Can't possibly BE right.


I've done the math several times in my head and it always comes out the same.
He's really going to be seven in just a matter of days.

When Drew was two years old, we had a "Blues Clues" birthday party at our house, inviting all his little toddler friends (and their parents) for the celebration. I planned meticulously. There were no less than ten "stations" of things for the youngsters to do. The buffet of food was inspired by the cartoon character and her pals. Not a detail was omitted.

It took me five years to recover from that party.

Seriously. For years 3-6, I convinced my boy that a family celebration was quite enough. But for year seven, he's been insistent and I'm being brave.

We will have a few boys from the neighborhood over for a few hours. There's no theme. There will be no activity "stations". There will be no grand buffet. He asked that I inflate the giant water slide he got for that 2-yr old party. We also bought super-soaker water guns.

With these two details taken care of, my only plan of action on the big day is to order a few pizzas and let the boys be boys.

It might take my house five years to recover.


(Ri)Charmed said...

We did a big 1st birthday and have promised a big 5th so I need to start thinking about that! How time flies...


Sounds like a super fun boy party. Wet, dirty, weaponry and pizza. Perfect.