Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Birthday Poem

Dear Drew,

On your birthday,
I have to say
I can
t believe youre SEVEN!
I often think
that if I blink

You will be eleven.

Youve grown so tall,
But that
s not all
Your mouth is full of holes.
That toothy grin
Just does me in.
My love I can
t control!!

But youre a kid
who needs to rid
himself of mommys hugs.
re growing up.
m outta luck.
I can
t do much but shrug

At all your boy-ish antics.
You certainly are busy,
Inventing things,
devising schemes,
and generally being silly.

 You laugh a lot
at words like snot.
(You think gross things are funny)
You like to run.
re lots of fun.
And you like spending money!

Youre well-behaved,
re getting brave.
We couldn
t be more proud.
of who you
ve become.
re a wonderful son!
ll say it again ALOUD!

Youre a wonderful son!
And God has done
great things for our family.
He blessed us with you.
(Then Megan made two!)
re grateful as can be.

So on this seventh birthday,
We pray you have a blast.
We hope its filled with fun times.
And memories that will last.

Happy Birthday, Bud!  We love you very much!!!

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