Monday, September 15, 2008

The Dressing Room

Overheard by anyone else who happened to be trying clothes on today in the Target dressing room:

OK, buddy. Hold on to the numbers that the nice lady gave you when we came into the dressing room. (a "2" and a "6" b/c the dressing room attendant graciously allowed me to bring "8" items in with me!)


What happened?
The number 6 just went behind the mirror right there.

How did that happen?
I'm not sure.

Buddy, I asked you to take care of those numbers.
I am! But the number 6 is stuck behind the mirror now. That's o.k.

No, it's not. We're going to need to get it.
Mommy! Why can't you get that? Just reach in there and pull it out.

I'm going to need a tool.
How about your shoe?

I don't think my shoe is a good tool, I need something very small that will fit between the mirror and the wall.
Oh, do you have a hammer in your purse?

No, I don't think a hammer is the right tool either.
(Several minutes pass, and I finally free the captive tag from behind the mirror)

Good job, mommy!
Thanks, man.

Mommy? Can I try on some new clothes?
Not right now.

What day is it?

What day is tomorrow?
Tuesday. You're going to school tomorrow.

Yey! I love school! Then what comes next?
Wednesday. Bible study. Then Thursday -school. Then Friday.

Oh. Mommy? Can we get jelly beans here?
Yes, if you're a very quiet boy for a few minutes.

O.K. Hey Mommy! That red dress is VERY pretty!!!

Yes, buddy...

I need to go potty.
O.K. Let me just get dressed.

Yes, Drew...

I think I'm very tired.
(Really, I'm pretty exhausted, myself!)

I think I'll just lie down here on this bench while you finish trying on your clothes. Hey! Is that gum in your purse?!!!?? I LOVE gum? Can I have some?
Yes... if you'll just quiet down a little bit, o.k.?

I will. Mommy. I don't like this gum.
Drew... please unwrap the gum from around your knees. Remember, gum goes in your mouth or in the trash can.

I'll just put it in your purse...
Wait.. don't... O.K. Just remind me to look for that gum later, o.k. buddy?

Mommy? Are we all done already? That was fast! Let's go get jelly beans now! Oh, after we go potty. Mommy, I REALLY need to go potty now.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog, Jenny. :) You and your little boy are awesome. <3

Christy Odom said...

I enjoy reading your blogs so much. You are a very good writer and Drew sounds like a smart and fun little boy.