Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Lyrics

To give a little bit of background for my story today, I need to share my son's conclusion the other day. After talking about how old he was (three), and what number comes next (four), and when his birthday is coming (not for a long, long time), he decided that he really didn't care to get any older.

"I don't want to grow up, mommy. I just want to be three for a long, long time!"
Fine with me, buddy.

So, last night we were watching a DVD presentation that a friend of mine put together with pictures from our trip to Guatemala. Drew has watched it A LOT since we've been home. He seems to enjoy seeing pictures of his Daddy working on roofs, his Mommy painting, and all the kids, whose names he's beginning to learn, playing around the orphange.

One of the songs my friend chose to add as background for the presentation is Garth Brooks' "We Shall Be Free". It's a powerful song, and some of the lyrics include:

When the last thing we notice
Is the color of skin
And the first thing we look for
Is the beauty within
When the skies and the ocean
Are Clean again....
We Shall Be Free

We Shall Be Free!
We Shall Be Free!
Stand Straight,
Walk Proud,
We Shall Be Free!

As I listened closely while my son sang along with the music last night, I realized that he was EMPHATICALLY singing,

"We Shall be THREE! We Shall be THREE!"

And as I consider his approach to life, I think he may just be on to something!

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