Friday, November 28, 2008

Let's Shop!

As I write this, I must admit that I'm a little sleepy. For the first time since I walked away from a career in retail, I dared to take on Black Friday. And because it's been several years since I even attempted to leave my house on the day after Thanksgiving, I decided to do it big time! That's alarm sounded at 4:20am and I was out the door with my flyers, coupons, and plan of attack.

I fought traffic jams, scored a great parking spot, watched registers carefully as my deals rang up on the screen, and stood in a line so long that I really should have had a chance to ride Space Mountain at the end. It was GREAT!

I LOVE shopping and I LOVE a great deal. Which is why I love what I get to do today... I get to offer my very first GIVEAWAY today!


Before I tell you how it will work, I want to tell you a little about the person who made this giveaway possible.

It seems like everyone I know has "one of those" friends. The kind of person you've known forever. The type of friend who can pick right back up where your friendship left off, even if you haven't seen eachother in years. A girl who knows so much about your hopes/dreams/fears/secrets that you're quite grateful that she loves you so much. Someone who gets your inside jokes and still laughs even though you made those jokes up in middle school and they are decidely un-funny now.

Someone who inspires you when you're around her because of her optimism and her hope in humanity. Someone who isn't afraid to say what she thinks, even if her opinion isn't popular. But then again, she never seems anything BUT popular because people are drawn to her honesty and integrity. Someone who doesn't shy away from hardships. Someone who still laughs easily, though life hasn't always been easy.

Someone who is raising loving, respectful children and nurturing her husband.

And when she takes her cape and boots off at night, she pulls out her needle and thread, and weaves together amazing, whimsical little creations. Then, she opens up an Etsy shop so that others can enjoy the works of her hand. And she names it the Paper Sack. And ships it in the cutest packaging I've ever seen.

And allows her friend of more than 20 years(who until recently hadn't spoken with her in 3 years), to give away the most beautiful cornhusk angel away so I could celebrate my 100th blog post in style.

You know: THAT kind of friend.

So, here's what I want you to do. Leave a comment (you have a week). Tell me one thing you admire about THAT friend of yours. And then let her know, too. I'll randomly draw a winner on December 5.

(Ooh, and I'd love to hear about any good deals that YOU found today, too! You did get out there and shop, didn't you?)


embugg said...

ooooh! I want to win. Choose me. Choose me! Love, your sister!

Anonymous said...

So glad you had fun on Black Friday! :) I was curled up in bed while you diehards shopped. ;)

Beth said...

One thing I admire about 'that' friend of mine is that she can share my emotions as if she is going through things with me. When I told her I was pregnant with twins, she cried for joy with me, when I told her that my husband's job would relocate us away from our hometown, she cried out of sadness with me. We have known each other since we were three and, though we also went through times of not seeing/talking to each other as often, our friendship never suffered because of it. She was my maid of honor and I was hers. She calls just to tell me that she's thinking about me and drops everything to come see me when we decided to leave a few days earlier to head home for Thanksgiving. She's my best friend and I pray that I'll never take her for granted.

encouragement said...

i love your blog. "That" friend of mine knows my worst faults and loves me anyway.

farfaraway said...

love your blog - I found it through momsense magazine. keep writing.