Saturday, November 1, 2008

Just when things get predictable...

Just when I thought I had my son figured out:

He braved an inflatable bounce house at our church "Trunk or Treat" event last night.

He sat still long enough to have his face painted at a fall festival today.

He asked for his Daddy to come sit with him for a few minutes at bedtime tonight.

I was recently reading an article that advised parents to avoid putting labels on their preschoolers. Phrases like: "Suzy isn't very athletic, she prefers to read." or "Billy is very shy in social situations."

While these attributes may define children for a time, kids often outgrow some behaviors or develop their natural temperaments in ways that defy parental expectations.

So, I suppose that my "Scared-to-try-new-things-because-he'd-rather-be-with-mommy-than-anyone-else-in-the-world-(especially-at-bedtime)-little-man-who-can't-sit-still-for-five-minutes" is not quite willing to be defined by my labels either.

(look at that smirk...)

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