Thursday, January 29, 2009


I want to write a deep, thought-provoking post. One that helps me sort out some mommy stuff.

But my hubby and my son are standing in the hallway outside our home office, and from what I can gather, they are taking turns pelting each other with a tennis ball.

This game seems a bit rough and dangerous, but judging by the squeals of laughter, a certain three-year old is having the time of his life.

Perhaps I need to stop contemplating and just get in the game.


EmilyQ said...

Love Love Love Love Love the new picture in the header!!!

Anonymous said...

I love those times I hear laughter from afar between my son and his daddy! It's a sweet, sweet sound!

Monica said...

I found you on Kelly's blogroll and wanted to say hi. I am with you, better to be involved and distracted than have a thought provoking post because before you know it your 3 year old will be 6 then 8.