Thursday, January 15, 2009

Maybe the Orange Juice Has Gone to Our Heads

The governor of Florida issued a State of Emergency today.
Because of the cold weather.
Here in Florida.

Granted, I'm wearing several layers and a scarf (it's so pretty, soft blue, kinda fuzzy...). But the high is going to reach 60 today, and even this native Floridian is pretty sure that 60 degrees just doesn't count as "COLD".

I don't know why this is concerning me. I try to stay out of socio/political events as much as I can. But I'm worried a bit about our great state's reputation. After all, we're responsible for coining the term "Hanging Chads", and we have several theme parks dedicated to alligators, and people like Donald Trump and Michael Jackson have homes here. It doesn't look good, you know?

Just this morning, I was watching a national morning news show's weather report, and some man being interviewed in Chicago actually described us Floridians as "Orange-juice-drinking sissies."

In defense of the governor's decision, I understand that the people of this state aren't the only sissies when it comes to cold weather. Our citrus crop doesn't hold up in freezing temperatures. And any efforts by the state to protect the livelihood of our citrus farmers is fine by me.

I do realize that the trees need more than fuzzy blue scarves to keep them warm... but they would look pretty. And after all, we do need to work on our image a little.

(This post is dedicated to my wonderful hubby... who might be delighted to learn that I actually do pay attention to the morning news and every once in a while, I guess I have an opinion. You're a wonderful influence, and I hope you have a Happy, Happy Birthday today!!!!)

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