Friday, February 13, 2009

HE'S ONLY 3 - 4COL!!!!!!!

So, I learned this week that the standard text abbreviation "4COL" stands for "FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!", which I find I've been using as the punctuation to many, many thoughts this week.

Mostly, my 4COL's have been preceeded by, "He's only three years old...."

For instance, I kept Drew home from preschool on Monday and Tuesday because of a little runny nose and a pretty big case of the grumps. On Wednesday, as I helped him brush his hair for school, he became quiet and withdrawn. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"It's just... what if my friends at school don't like me anymore?"


I mean, don't you just remember feeling that way? Feeling like you were left out of the loop or you weren't sure if you'd fit back in with your "crowd" when you missed a few days of school? How you wrestled with insecurities? When you were, oh, maybe THIRTEEN!!??? So, why is this amazing little three-year old's mind already plagued with this stuff? And what's a mom to do?

He's only three years old, 4COL!

Then, we had a little Valentine's party at school today. It was adorable. I got to meet all his little friends, and I took particular notice of one little girl whose name is mentioned quite a lot when Drew gives his daily recaps of school. I even mentioned to the teacher that my son seemed awfully fond of said little girl. She nodded her confirmation.

So... halfway through the party... after the songs and the story, the children were instructed to sit down for their snack. As my son walked behind his little friend's chair, she turned around and asked,
"Drew? Would you please pull my seat out for me?"
"Sure!" he answered, and proceeded to act like a true gentleman. He pulled her chair out, waited until she was properly situated, then kinda shoved her toward the table with all his 3-yr-old might.

What a sweet moment it would have been -


So.. on this Valentine's Day, my hope is that my son finds his security in parents who love him unconditionally. In this, we'll show him the first glimpses of a God who loves a trillion times more than we ever could.

And I hope he finds a sweet someone to love... in about twenty or so years.

If it happens any sooner, you're probably going to find me CRYING OUT LOUD!!!


Surviving 4 said...

Oh my goodness - I can't decide whether to laugh or cry! That is some amazin' little boy you're raisin'. Care to arrange a marriage? I have 3 he can select from :-)

Christy said...

even if it's Hannah? :) :) :)

Cheryl said...

Hey now, girls....I've got a little 3 year-old with some long brown hair that would go just perfect with that sweet little blondie :) And I am ALL for waiting until they are AT LEAST 20 years old!