Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cleaning Products

I registered for diapers and Dreft, trying to be a little more practical this time around. I included pacifiers, bottles, and nipple cream, too. No silly toys, no unnecessary clothing items, no blankets, diaper bags, books, or Baby Einstein DVDs this time around. I thought I was the epitome of rational forward-thinking new moms.

I had no clue, however, what I would really need as a parent of a four-year old and a two-week old.

Cleaning Products.
And lots of them.

Just today, I have:
dug my car keys out of salad dressing,
changed my spit-up-on clothes three times,
swept Doritos out of the crevices of the back seat,
cleaned up a glassful of cranberry juice from the coffee table,
soaked up the remnants of said cranberry juice from rug below the coffee table,
changed my daughter's spit-up-on clothes twice,
changed her dirty diapers at least five times,
rubbed lollipop residue off my son's forehead,
soaked eight tupperware containers in dish-washing detergent,
started two loads of laundry,
and mopped up 3 ounces of spilled breastmilk from the floor
(which, in a cliche' way, kinda made me want to cry).

I am out of windex, laundry detergent and lysol.

I am not yet out of patience, though. Because one sleepy accidental smile from my princess and one cuddle from my big boy are all it takes to remind me that I'm blessed beyond the mess.

I really do need to get the hubby to pick up some windex on his way home tonight, though!!


Two Shades of Pink said...

Blessed beyond the mess...love it.

Michelle said...

I'm going to have to write that in black eyeliner on my bathroom mirror to remind my husband that HE is blessed beyond the mess! LOL!

I think cleaning products should be something that is brought to every baby shower, like diapers!


Jencharvey said...

Blessed beyond the Mess is a great statement. I see bumper stickers, t-shirts, hand bags, bible covers!!