Thursday, November 12, 2009

Everything Except THESE

There's a little box sitting on his bookshelf. It's for his spare change. He's helping raise money to build a brand new playground. An INSIDE playground!

Oh, and there's a brand new preschool building that needs to be built around that inside playground.

He's very excited to be a part of what God's doing at his church.

So, we find a big pile of change and I tell him that he can put it in his box. You know, for the big, new INSIDE playground. He's ecstatic. And he sets about to put the money in the receptacle.

But then he finds a big, shiny, silver dollar. He wants to keep that one. After all, it's big and shiny, and there are lots of other coins that can go in the box.

And, would you look at that!?? Another big shiny coin. This one's copper, and it's from another country, so that really wouldn't be helpful to build the new playground anyway.

A third, large coin is found. This is so much fun for him!! He grips his three coins tightly in his little fists.

And all of a sudden, it's occurring to me that the project has become more about what he wants to keep than what he's been blessed with to give.

And I start wondering why God speaks His loudest to me through my four-year old.

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