Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oh, That's Why!

Oh, that's why I'm feeling so nostalgic tonight.

Everyone's asleep right now, and I just finished posting pictures from Drew's t-ball game.

Before logging off, though, I have been spending some time looking through my old posts. I went back one year ago today to see what I was up to in February of 2009. It was nice to catch up with the old "me". The one with only one kid and one kid's worth of worries.

And then I decided to look back even farther into my blogging history. And do you know what I discovered?

Today is Mom2Drew's 2nd birthday!

I published my first post on February 27, 2008. As I read that entry, I was reminded of the purpose and reason behind my blog. It was a great re-focus. Especially as I look back on what God has been up to in our lives lately.

Speaking of 2nd birthdays, I'd love for you to go read my dad's latest entry HERE about his own birthday celebration-of-sorts.

So, cake and ice cream all around! We need a few good excuses for a party these days!

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