Wednesday, February 10, 2010


For parents of newborns, it's all about those little milestones.

The first time they smile, the first time they track you across the room, the first time they laugh, roll, reach, sit, eat from a spoon.

There are so many firsts packed into the first year that I find myself eagerly anticipating what each new day might bring!

Miss M has done many of the three-month old "firsts", but just this morning, as I watched her "talk" to her dangly carseat toys, I wondered when she would start to reach for these familiar objects. Right now, the only connection she's made with her own hands is that they taste pretty good. So, she spends her days gnawing and drooling on two tiny clenched fists.

But so far, she has been cognitively unaware that those hands can touch the shiny happy dangly objects dancing in her face.

Until this morning. Right in the middle of my Bible study. I had her laying on a chair next to me, and while I attempt to watch the video, she cooed and played beside me.

And then she did it! She reached up with the skill of a marksman and grabbed onto the shiny, crinkly, bright red....

wrapper of my Ghiradelli dark chocolate square.

Oh darling! You have good coordination AND good taste.

Mommy is SO proud!


Sharon said...

Ohhh, so sweet! I can't wait for Avery to grab at something, other than mommy's hair:)

Kristen said...

I love it!!!
It reminds me of another friend's (a mom of a newborn) facebook status yesterday: "I look down into the baby carrier and see what appears to be dried blood caked in my daughter's hair and I start to panic. What did I hit her head on? Did I hurt her soft spot? After examining the corresponding stain on my shirt, I realize what happened. Da** you unexpectedly crumbly Ghirardelli square!"

Seems like those chocolates are busy these days! LOL!!!