Saturday, March 13, 2010

She's Roll.....(Pause)... ing now!

The crowd has gathered for what promises to be a great show tonight.
Everyone is ready. This is sure to be the night.

The star of the show is brought out to center ring to the applause and cheers of the onlookers.

Propped up on her belly, she wiggles and fusses for a few moments. And then...

She begins to roll.

The crowd goes wild! They are on their feet!

She's almost halfway through her stunt.

"You can do it, girl!"

Wait, what's this? An unexpected turn of events.

It appears that she's taken a break. Yes, halfway through the roll she has decided to just stop and take a break.

Propped up on her right side she is now resting comfortably with her head on the carpet. The amount of balance it must be taking right now to just stay frozen in that position is an amazing feat in and of itself!!

Enraptured, the audience holds their collective breath. This may not be her night after all. You can cut the tension with a knife, until...

Oh wait~yep, it looks like she's moving again!

Almost there, keep it coming!

YES! She's done it.
Ladies and gentlemen, she has rolled over!

And now she's closing her eyes.
Show's over folks. Drive safely.
Good night.


3 chicks and a dude said...

hold on to your hat! the moving begins...NOW! no more...she's so quiet and innocent!

Sharon said...

Finally! Yay, what a big girl. I'm such a proud aunt.

Surviving 4 said...

HILARIOUS. And now for the next act? Baby-proofing.