Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You'd have to see it to believe it...

In keeping with the theme, I will attempt to share the wonders of what I SAW today.

If you've been keeping track, it all started when I decided to pay attention to each of my senses individually. A bike ride through the neighborhood brought the smells of families cooking, trees blooming. It was rather nice.

The next day, I decided to concentrate on my sense of hearing. It was a little less pleasant than the previous exercise.

And today... I must admit that if I hadn't SEEN the following incident with my own two eyes, I certainly wouldn't have believed it.

My eyes blinked several times and opened slowly. I saw the brightly colored walls of my son's bedroom as I awoke. Oh yes, I HAD finally found a quiet place to sleep - alone - after getting up multiple times through the night with one of my two children and their various needs. Why my son's little bed was the only place of solace is beyond me, but that's beside the point.

I watched Drew bounce to life as my little morning man always does. I observed his carefully selected wardrobe for the day and even complimented the spiky "up-do" he chose for his hair.

I looked on as he leaned out the car window, chatting with his friend while we waiting in carline at preschool. I watched him gather his lunch box and backpack and hop out of the car excitedly when we pulled up to the front.

I saw him hug his teacher as she and I exchanged "Good Morning!"s and warm smiles. I even observed him walk toward the hallway leading to his classroom.

And then... I saw that lunchbox... packed lovingly only an hour before... come hurtling back through the open window right at my face.

The next thing I saw was my four year old's tight grasp on the bottom of the rolled-down passenger window. In astonishment, I watched that child come completely undone before my eyes.

If I had not been a little late already for my Wednesday morning Bible study, the other mothers in carline today would have seen one determined momma and one mess of a boy park the car and walk straight back to the classroom door. At which point they would have observed me plant that child in his classroom after a stern talkin'-to.

Instead, I watched my son try to recompose himself and buckle his seatbelt as we pulled out of line and headed toward the church down the street. Several glances back in the rear view mirror assured me that he was pulling himself together quite nicely.

Bible study went fine... I watched Drew out of the corner of my eye as he sat in the back of my small group eating the lunch I packed and playing games on the computer I brought.

And tonight, as I watch these words come together on the computer screen, I am still pretty much at a loss as to what in the world could have happened.

There's no indication that anything particular set him off or is still bothering him enough to threaten to cause any kind of drama tomorrow morning.

He has promised me as much.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

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