Monday, September 27, 2010

Kindergarten Lesson, Part 2

More things we're learning in Kindergarten:

1. You can tell a lot about what your kid did in school if you just send them there in a pristine white uniform shirt. (i.e. what color markers he used on his project, what he ate for snack and lunch, how rough he was on the playground, etc.)

2. White uniform shirts are the least popular among parents.

3. If you casually mention you don't like the Star Wars book your child checked out of the library last week, you can be assured he'll bring home a completely different choice the next week. A BIGGER Star Wars book with scarier pictures... just because he thinks you need to give it a second chance.

4. You should only keep a five-year old home from school if they are really sick. Tired and "sorta sick" only lasts about an hour. After that, you have an active sidekick all day long who's used to doing 15 activities per day, rotating to the next one every 45 minutes.

5. When moms get tired and "sorta sick", it takes a lot longer than an hour to turn things around.

Happy Monday! Hope you all learn something new this week, too!


Pam said...

Ha Ha - I laughed at the "sorta sick". My test to stay home from school used to be that the kids had to agree to stay in bed in their room all day long with no TV. If they said yes to that I knew they were really sick - then of course they were allowed to lay on the couch and watch TV. Most of the time, the thought of laying in their room all day with no entertainment prompted them to go to school. LOL I'm keeping up with your dad on his blog and praying for him and Drew's surgery. Love, Pam

Surviving 4 said...

Hilarious, girl! I just love it :) Hope to talk to you soon. I MISS YOU!!!