Thursday, September 9, 2010

Well, He IS learning something...

"What's a city council, Mom?"

This is the question I got from my five-year old as we were driving down the road the other day.

"What did you ask?"

"A city council. What is it? What does it do?"

"Umm...." I begin with a brief explanation of local politics then pause.

"I just have to know, buddy... where in the WORLD did you learn that? Is this something you're talking about in school?" (I'm hopeful... after all, he's in an excellent school this year and really is learning a lot after only 3 weeks).

"Oh, I saw it on Phinease & Ferb the other day."

And they say television is a waste of time.


Sharon said...

AWESOME Andrew!!!!! I love it!



Surviving 4 said...

Hahahahaha!!! See? I DO need to park my children in front of the TV more often!