Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Be Brave, Mommy

So, Drew's grandparents were in town for a few weeks recently from Alabama, and he had an absolute BLAST with them! In fact, he was having so much fun with them that he forgot to need or miss his mommy!

On Saturday, my mother-in-law asked Drew if he would like to go play air hockey at the McDonald's playground near our house (which boasts a pretty great playground, air hockey table, and many arcade-style games). She went on to suggest that if I came along, we could then go to the home decorating store we'd been wanting to visit together. I said, "Great! I'll put my shoes on."
Drew looked crushed. "No Mommy! You need to stay here. I'll go with Baba by myself." And then, as he's heard me console him so many times before, he continued, "You'll be o.k. I'll be back soon."

Gee, thanks.

I walked them to the car, leaned in and said goodbye to my big boy, who just seems to be growing up a little too fast these days. Not wavering in his desire to do this outing alone with his grandmother, he once again told me to stay at the house and assured me that I would be "just fine." Lightheartedly, I responded, "I'll try to be brave..."

"Yes, Be Brave, Mommy!"

Sigh...I'll try.

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