Monday, May 19, 2008

The Birthday Basket

In order to appreciate Drew's Birthday Basket fully, you'll have to catch up and read our blog entry dated April 23 (A Few of His Favorite Things).

For our son's birthday, his aunt and uncle actually went out and found almost everything on Drew's Top Ten List, wrapped each item individually, and placed the collection in a big birthday basket. (Side Note: for a colorful touch, my sister-in-law filled the bottom of the basket with shredded construction paper in a variety of colors. What a creative idea; I definitely intend to use it myself).

You can imagine the absolute pleasure this child experienced as he opened each little package!
"Woo Hoo - Waffles!"
"A donut....with SPRINKLES!"
And on and on it went.

And we, the adults, had more fun trying to remember the other items on his "list" before he opened the next package.

It was such a sweet way to show Drew how much he is loved and appreciated for the pleasure he gets out of the simplest things in life!

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