Thursday, May 22, 2008

Maybe you just had to be there...

My husband's sister and her husband were over the other night with their wonderful dog (a HUGE bull mastiff). Our dog (a HUGE yellow lab) and his "cousin" began playing in the living room, much to my child's delight. With a combined weight of well over 200 lbs, it's quite a sight to watch these two pups race around the tables, barking, tails wagging, and the rest of us trying to stay out of the way while watching the fun. They were unusually frisky that night, so I ran into the kitchen and grabbed the digital camera to capture the moment.

I couldn't hear much else above my son's hysterical laughter, the encouragement from the grown-ups, and the barking from the dogs. But as I raised the camera to begin filming the mayhem, my son yelled, "SAY CHEESE, DOGS!"

There's absolutely no point or moral to this story. And perhaps it's one of those "Had to be there" moments. But, I am still chuckling a few days later every time I recall it, so I figured it must be blog-worthy!

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