Wednesday, October 29, 2008


When is the last time you waited by your mailbox for a delivery? Each day, I eagerly open that little white receptacle in hopes that something exciting is tucked in amid the bills. But yesterday, I physically WAITED outside by the box until my mailman arrived. Why?

Because yesterday my mailman delivered my MomSense magazine! I really enjoy this periodical (published by MOPS, Int'l); it always provides inspiration and encouragement as I journey through motherhood with a preschooler. But this issue holds very special meaning for me because it includes an article that I wrote about my own personal journey into motherhood.

So... I was very excited to greet my postal representative (and I have to say that I think he was a little overwhelmed by the welcoming committee of me, big yellow dog, exuberant toddler shrieking "It's here! It's here! The mail is HERE!", and my wonderful neighbor and her 2 yr old son. Hey, why not!?). Sure enough, the magazine had arrived. I began to flip through the pages.

But then my dog decided that he wanted to greet a neighbor who happened to be strolling by. (My dog is well over 100 lbs, so greetings aren't always welcomed by everyone.) After tugging and coaxing him back to the house, I attempted to read again.

But then my son decided that he needed a drink of water. Followed by a bathroom break. Followed by a strong desire to ride his bicycle. With his helmet. And knee pads. No, the ones with Thomas the Train on them.

The abandoned magazine's pages flipped quietly in the grass while the dog and the boy kept me busy for the next twenty minutes or so. I longed for a few moments of uninterrupted time just to look at a tiny portion of my passion in print! I have to admit that I got a little irritated - I couldn't even have five minutes to myself to read one tiny little article....

And then I began to laugh. Because I realized that the stage of life that makes things too crazy to even read a magazine article is the exact same stage of life that provides me with the daily inspiration I have to write!

Eventually (read: when Daddy came home), I got a chance to flip through the whole issue. And for those of you who've carved out a portion of time to read your issue, too - thanks for stopping by! Welcome, and please come back soon!

I have some exciting things planned as I work toward my 100th blog entry. I think we're going to have a party. Wear something festive! I'll include more details soon...


Beth said...

I got my copy of MomSense a few days ago and read your article (and saw your blog address in the signature) and spent most of my spare time yesterday reading your whole blog. You're a great writer! I have two blogs - The Path Less Traveled is our family blog and 365 Life Changing Days is a blog of daily pictures of our new twin boys (born 8.30.08). Check them out and let me know what you think. Keep up the writing - you're doing a great job!

Anonymous said...

Dude, where can I get a copy??? :) This is just TOO cool!! I have my outfit picked out already for your 100th Blog party: a cheerleading uniform with a ginormous "J" on it!! :-D Just tell me when and where . . . I'll bring the cake, too! :)

YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!! <3

Cheryl said... can I get a copy of that magazine? Congrats, Jenny. That is really GREAT! I enjoy reading your blog SO much, and I just adore that sweet little boy of yours!

Cheryl said... can I get a copy of that magazine? Congrats, Jenny. That is really GREAT! I enjoy reading your blog SO much, and I just adore that sweet little boy of yours!

Christy Odom said...

Congrats on the publication! How can I get my hands on a copy? I love reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Jenifer. I found your blog through the article you wrote for MomSense. God's timing was so perfect (as it always is) for me to read your article. In the early morning hours, before the awakening of my 4-year-old (to whom BTW I could give the same description you gave of your son in your post titled "Just when things get predictable") and my alomst 3-year old princess, I spent a quiet while writing an entry to my blog Barefoot Children In The Rain. It was that very day at lunchtime when I found in my mailbox the issue with your article. It was a confirmation for me that we, as mommies of preschoolers, come from the same place no matter how different our life experiences are. The following morning at our MOPS meeting, as a Discussion Group Leader, I was prepared for our discussion topic without even trying to be. I shared your story with my table and I shared what I wrote on my blog. And those moms shared their very similar feelings. We all realized a sense of confirmation and comfort and promise. Thanks for your article. You're great!