Sunday, April 5, 2009

Calgon, Take Me Away!

I need a bath. Just a few minutes to unwind with a book and a tub full of warm bubbles. I remember that when we first got married, my hubby and I lived in a newer home with a gorgeous big garden bath tub. I also recall that I stole away to that bubbly retreat at least 4 nights a week.

This was before kids... this was when I had the luxury of down time... quiet time... "Me" time.

But I'm optimistic that in my current expectant condition, the men in my life will grant me a few moments of precious "Me" time tonight, too.

My son has just finished up his own shower and the hubby is back from the store. This is just perfect. With blessings from both boys, I gather a book, a drink, a pillow for my head, and make my way to the tub.

In our current home, the only tub is in Drew's bathroom. After throwing Elmo's submarine, an array of bathtub markers, a few cups, and two pairs of goggles into the toy bin, I turn the water on and pour in a capful of sweet-smelling soap. I wonder silently how my son can practically swim laps in this tiny bath when I can barely fit my expanding body within it's walls.

Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to this time of peace and qui....

Oh, hi buddy!
What do you need?
I know! Mommy's belly is getting bigger, isn't it?
Yes... I'm very excited, too.
Oh... you know what... no thanks. I don't need any help in the bath tub tonight.
Really, I'm just fine.
Sure, you can have a sip of my drink. Leave some for mommy, o.k.?
Just leave the bubbles alone.
Oh, haha! That IS silly - now you do look like Santa Claus!
Oh, and now I do, too!
Hey - why don't you go find Daddy?

OK, back to my relaxing, and suddenly much colder, bath... How long did I let that hot water run for Drew's shower earlier? Surely there's enough hot water left to fill this tiny basin???

Nope, I'm definitely running out of hot water. Shoot.

Oh, hey Drew! You're back!
Tell you what. I could use your help.
Could you please turn the water off for Mommy now?
Keep turning.
Don't stop now!
You have it pointed to cold, cold, cold, buddy!
Please turn it all the way off.
The water is so cold to Mommy, Drew!
Please keep turning that faucet.
Whew, thanks!
Ok.. don't climb up here.
Don't lean over me like that.
I'll hand you your goggles, just get down off of the tub, son!
It's slippery....
Oh, yes... it IS a good thing that I caught you, isn't it?
Now, what's Daddy doing?
Why don't you go find him again?

My optimism is waning. And I'm starting to shiver. Perhaps I'll call it a night. I haven't even cracked open the book and the bubbles are starting to disappear.

I make a mental note to talk to the hubby about a master bath remodel. My plans will include space for a giant garden tub. And a time machine. Because the only way I envision a night of "Me" time is if I can somehow set the dial back about 4 years.

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Christy Odom said...

That sounds very familiar. Arming yourself with a squirt gun of ice cold water works wonders.