Monday, April 27, 2009

The Storyteller Has Left The Building...

So, it's been a while...

I love blogging because it gives me the opportunity to be a storyteller. I love telling stories. Ask my family. I find it next to impossible to just recount the facts of any situation. I am compelled to add drama, hand motions, sound effects, and impersonations.

But lately, I am just off my storytelling game, folks. Not that I don't have the material. My son is as busy as ever, and with my 3 yr old nephew in town this past weekend (and my 13 year old nephew and 8 yr old niece in town the weekend before), there are plenty of funny things to share.

But the precious little bundle in my belly is still proving to be my kryptonite... so I'm just going to give you an update on what's been going on around here lately.

It might be boring, so consider yourself warned.

My hubby got to join me for my OB appointment on Friday. Although I've had 1 ultrasound and saw the baby's heartbeat about a month ago, we got to HEAR it for the first time at this lately appointment. Such a beautiful sound...

At this appointment, I also found out that I'm down 5 lbs (take THAT, Weight Watchers!). After reviewing my charts, my doctor kindly pointed out that I don't "do this pregnancy thing well" and that we shouldn't do this again. No kidding.

He also gave me Carte Blanche for anytime I feel like I need to go to the local ER and just "get topped off" with IV fluids and a Zofran pump. I could have kissed him. Haven't taken him up on the offer yet, but I'm treating it like a free pass to the spa... and saving it for a special day.

Drew turns four on Friday. And he's asking for underwear, clothes, socks and shoes. He wants to completely shift his wardrobe to all things labeled "4". Oh, and he wants (and is getting) a skateboard. Apparently, we're not satisfied with the fact that he has not yet injured himself on his bike or roller skates. Now, we're going to send him down the sidewalk on a piece of plywood attached to wheels.

We've planned nothing for his birthday. And I'm seriously wondering if I can get away with a big party later this summer and just pretend, when we look back years from now, that we actually celebrated sometime within the general vinicity of his big day. As long as the new baby's not actually in the pictures, I might get away with my ruse.

In other news, my hubby has decided that he's going to start the P90X fitness program. When I was pregnant with Drew, he decided to train for a marathon. So, the bigger I grew, the more weight he lost. And in comparison, it was quite a sight. You can imagine my excitement at the prospect that, come fall, my husband will be in amazing physical condition. And I.... well,

On a positive note, I get to share my testimony at our last Bible study meeting this Wednesday. Please pray that I suffer NO morning sickness that morning and that God stills my heart as I prepare to share HIS words. And mostly, that I just don't get in the way. I'm thrilled for this opportunity. This Wednesday morning Bible study has been such a huge blessing in my life.

The blessings are overflowing! Hopefully, I'll be back to telling stories about all the many blessings He gives me to share!

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Anonymous said...

i figured your little break was due to the little wee-one in your belly. i'm sure you are tired and you MUST take care of yourself! happy b-day to Drew...i'm sure he's pretty excited!

thanks for the little tid-bits and updates! i enjoy hearing about your corner of the world!