Monday, April 13, 2009

Correct Me If I'm Wrong...

But I'm not sure I've ever seen a cuter almost-four-year-old boy on Easter Sunday than this one:

Then again, after what will now be referred to as the "Great Easter Egg Hunt Debacle of 2009" (wherein my son discovered that none of the eggs at Grandma's egg hunt were filled with candy, and he pitched a five minute temper tantrum, refusing to hunt for "empty eggs"), the CUTE wasn't cutting it anymore.

A stern lecture comprised of two main points (1. Definition of unacceptable behavior and 2. Focus on real meaning of why we celebrate Easter) seemed to work. Drew pulled himself together, apologized to Grandma and the rest of the family, and announced that his tummy "wasn't really hungry for candy after all!" Good news.

The egg hunt festivities resumed, and the boy uncovered what seemed like 513 brightly colored eggs.

He then asked to play "Egg Hunt" at least six more times inside the house (which was fine with all the other men of the family who wanted to be in close proximity to the coverage of a certain golf game going on in Augusta, Georgia).

All in all, it was a wonderful Easter Sunday, complete with heartfelt worship, family fun, and good food.

I pray that you experienced the joys of Easter in a whole new way yesterday. And I hope you stumbled upon a few empty eggs yourself! Let's let them be a reminder of that empty tomb on the first Resurrection morning.

He is not here, He has risen! (Matthew 28:6)

Christ is risen indeed!

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Surviving 4 said...

What a cutie-pie, and in his new tie, no less!

Yeah, the egg hunt wasn't quite a success for us either. Only 1/3 or so of the eggs had anything in them, but only Emily noticed that right away. Every time she found an egg, she'd shake it. If it was empty, she tossed it into Evie's basket. Evie "found" a lot more eggs than everybody else :-)

Gotta think hard about the new blog name... No juice flowing right now, and it is SUCH an important decision! I'll let you know if inspiration strikes.