Wednesday, April 15, 2009

His perception, well... it's pretty close to reality

We've been having a pretty neat, ongoing conversation with Drew for the past several days. (If your children are old enough, I'd love for you to try this at home and let me know some of their responses, too.)

It all started several nights ago at bedtime. I was reminding Drew of all the things he loves to do. Like riding bikes and running fast and wearing his soccer cleats... anything I could think of that I knew he enjoyed, I listed. He LOVED hearing all about himself through my eyes. So, after my long laundry list, I decided to turn the tables.

"Drew, what do you think Mommy loves to do?"

After several moments of serious consideration, his answer was:

"Drive. You love to drive me places!"

Oh, o.k. I can see where he would get the impression that I must enjoy it if I seem to be doing it all the time... (And I'm certainly grateful his answer wasn't "Yell" or "Sit on the bathroom floor with your head in the toilet" or "Sleep". Because I've been spending a whole lot of time doing those things lately, too.)

So, I asked a few more that night.

"What does Daddy like to do?"
"Play with Walker and play with me in the front yard."

"How about Walker, what does he like to do?"
"Chase the ball when Daddy kicks it."

And as of today, we've compiled the following additions to our list:

Grandma: "She likes to smell the roses!" (My mom LOVED that, by the way)
Grandpa: "He likes to wear ties."
Diado (Grandpa in Alabama): "He likes to play with me."
Baba (Grandma in Alabama): "She likes to love me."

Little Boy... I think you have us almost figured out...

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Anonymous said...

that is so sweet! there is something so neat about a child's honesty!