Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thrill Ride

I cannot pretend to understand the matters of a four-year old boy's heart. The things that thrill or terrify my Drew often leave me shaking my head in either amusement or disbelief.

He is frightened by loud noises, crowds of people, and his most recent list of worst fears, which includes dinosaurs, snakes, lizards and roaches. Other insects fascinate him. Daredevil stunts on his swing set amuse him. And he gets absolutely giddy when it's time for mommy to get blood drawn at the doctor's office.

So, it should have come as no surprise to me when, during our recent trip to Orlando, spectacular heights made his list of Life's Great Thrills.

From the 24th floor, my son's spirits soared as he took in the views from atop our hotel perch. (And mommy's stomach turned somersaults as I begged him to "stop dangling your flip-flopped feet through the railing!!").

And his favorite, hands-down activity of the weekend?

The glass elevators that gave him a wild ride as we made our way to and from the pool several times a day.

The biggest thrill for this Mommy, though, was the realization that we still haven't had to purchase a single, solitary ticket to one of Orlando's theme parks.

And in this economy, I find myself pretty excited by free rides on glass elevators and mornings at the pool, too!

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