Friday, April 2, 2010

Doesn't He Make You Nervous???

That's a question I answer a lot.

On the playground, at the beach, in our backyard, out front. Inevitably, when people watch my son "play", they always ask me if his antics make me nervous.

Because, I gather, he makes other people VERY nervous.

I think I might be more prone to worry if I hadn't watched this child climb up a slide at 10 months, climb out of his crib at 14 months and conquer just about every other obstacle in his path from that moment on.


With older cousins to play with this past week, Drew pushed his own limits, conquering bigger, higher, faster goals.


And I can still honestly say that as I watched him hang precariously from perilous perches...


... "Nope, still doesn't make me nervous!"

But, this?


The thought that this little one might have an affinity for the adventurous?


THIS makes me VERY nervous!!


Two Shades of Pink said...

I laughed because I just asked you that very question the other day when your son was not only on his swings set, he was on top of the bars that most kids just hang from. And that picture of Sweet Miss M. I am thinking your in for some trouble. Great photos! Totally made me smile.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures esp Megan..she is getting so grandma I tend to panic watching my grandkids do things that do not freak out their mom , like Hunter on the very top of his swing just have to trust that they will stay safe.