Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Finer Things In Life

I've said for a while now that Miss M has an affinity for the finer things. From the first few days of her life when she laid in her swing, bathing in the sunlight (jaundice)

to the infant massage class we took when she was just a few weeks old, I could tell that this girl didn't mind being pampered.

She adores watching me trim her little fingernails. She tilts her head back while I brush her hair. And she loves a nice warm bath more than just about anything.

This quality of hers makes me giddy with anticipation. Someday, I imagine mother-daughter trips to the spa for manicures, pedicures and various other pamperings.

Apparently, her exquisite taste extends beyond spa treatments to expensive, well, TASTE...

I mean, only in a four-star restaurant could you find gourmet selections suitable for this girl's palate.

Frog Legs

Duck Pate


That is one quality she did not inherit from her mother. I often say that my taste buds most closely resemble those of a five-year old boy (corndogs, macaroni & cheese, & grilled cheese sandwiches are among my favorites).

The other day, I walked out onto my mom's pool deck where, no kidding, Miss M was propped up on the pillows of a lounge chair and her grandma was feeding her grapes (peeled and cut up, of course!). I laughed out loud at the sight.

But I LOVE IT. Because I know that someday, when ESPN runs live, weekend-long coverage of lacrosse and softball and baseball and soccer and curling and frisbee dog competitions, the little lady and I will be far far away, flipping through magazines while our pedicures dry.

And snacking on escargot.
Or, in my case, corndogs.


Surviving 4 said...

Awesome - I love it! Maybe we'll plan a girls' trip during one of those tediously long sport weekends and go get some pampering all together :) And you can always send her up to Aunt Kari if you want to give you palate a break! I love escargot...


Loved this post. Oh,the possibilities! I finally have one who loves Romantic Homes magazine and blue jean over-alls. I can't tell you how fabulous that is! You might start putting away some coins now for your future Spa memberships.