Wednesday, August 4, 2010

grow up!



No, Go AWAY!


What are you DOING in there?

There's a roach! There's a roach! A big one!

Well, then... just try to kill it.

I can't! I can't!

Find the roach spray.

I don't know where it is!

Then go get a shoe and hit it.

I won't do that! I'm not that brave!

Alright... (overdramatic sigh)... I'll be right there.


In an effort to be completely transparent, there's something I must let you know about this conversation between me and my five year old son.

The italics were his words... and the bold ones were mine. And this was a verbatim conversation that took place between us yesterday afternoon.

Yeah, he's looking for a place of his own this week. Something quiet, a little less dramatic. I'll just call him to come over when I need him to squish a bug for me.


Surviving 4 said...


Ty squeals and runs away when he sees a bug. Can Drew come over and kill my roaches too?

Sharon said...

I LOVE it!!!! Is it weird that I knew it was you and not Drew that didn't want to kill the bug??? LOL Priceless! I can just see him shaking his head and sighing at you.


Tee hee...snort...Thanks for the laugh! I did not see that one coming!