Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One (Almost) Down.. 19 More to Go.

I wiped her eye to remove some crusted sweet potatoes last night. She screamed so loud that I gave her a full-body scan to see what could possibly be broken or bleeding.

After crying herself to sleep, she woke up, remembered how mad she got earlier at me, and threw another fit. I rescued her from her crib just as the hysteria caused her to puke all over both of us.

I cleaned us up, fixed her a bottle, and rocked her back to sleep.

Six more times she awoke throughout the night, screaming as if her hair was on fire.

I called my mom this morning, and we went through a laundry list of possible causes. Yogurt or chlorine water from the pool (both of which she consumed yesterday) could be causing tummy troubles. And her brother did have a runny nose this week. She could be coming down with a misery-making bug.

Whatever the cause, she was a pitiful picture all day today as well. She cried when I walked into a room and cried when I left. She screamed every time her brother got within a foot of her, and sobbed when a chair fell over (nowhere near her, I might add). She wailed as I tried to bathe away her sorrows and fussed over her afternoon bottle.

During one sobbing gasp, I finally got to see what was causing all her angst. The telltale white "bump" under her lower gum shone from a foot away.

My little girl's very first tooth is about to make it's debut. And apparently, she thinks it's worthy of quite the show.

Part of me is relieved to know what's wrong with my wee one. The other part of me just googled "How Many Teeth Does a Baby Get?"

Apparently, we have a long road ahead of us so I'm stocking up on teething tablets and Tylenol.

And booking this girl her own agent.


Two Shades of Pink said...

Is this the time to mention that often late bloomers in the area of get several at once? Blessing? Curse? Your call. My father in law is a dentist. He can be on speed dial for you.

Sharon said...

Get one of those mesh bags and put ice in it. She will love chewing on it and it will feel so good on her gums. (Just wet the bag first before giving it to her or it will stick to her lip.)Good luck.

Beautiful Grace said...

Humphries teething tablets. Great stuff. And, what a great idea with the ice bag.

Anonymous said...

Infant ibuprofin!!! Works much better that Tylenol. I am so thrilled about the drama- Lindsey can be her mentor and they will totally relate!!!
Jennifer N