Sunday, August 29, 2010

She's A Little Bit Me...

Her favorite shoes are sparkly silver ballet slippers.
And if you didn't think a ten-month old could have a favorite pair of shoes, you were not at my house this morning when I considered taking the aforementioned slippers off of my child in favor of more practical tennis shoes.

Her favorite hobby is carrying around a bag and putting "stuff" in it.
She slings it as high as she can manage, almost over her shoulder. Yes, like a purse.

She oohs and ahhs over necklaces and earrings, and she will point out a nice watch from twenty paces.

And every morning, we stand in front of her closet so she can run her hand across the clothes hanging in front of her.

This couldn't have happened soon enough. With awards season underway, I need a 2nd vote for T.V. rights. There's no reason I should know the baseball score but not have any idea what Heidi Klum is wearing tonight...

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She and Robin should have a mall date. One of the signs Robin picked up immediately was "shoes" and if she sees a pair she likes signs, "shoes on shoes on shoes on!"