Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nine Months

For the first six months of her life, I captured Miss M's growth by taking her picture next to the same little brown bear on the same polka dot blanket. You may recall that by six months, she was outgrowing the bear and the blanket!

I haven't posed her with her props recently because we rarely remember to pause for a picture. Everyone is just busy going... going... going.

I guess with all that moving around on our parts, Miss M took the hint. And since that last picture was taken, she's been working on MOVING.

At six months old, she finally found her balance and began to sit.
By seven months (and way behind the curve) she decided that she might as well roll over.
At eight months, she slowly (and UNgracefully) picked up the crawling thing from her two cousins (who have been moving for months now!)

Yes, she was a little girl on the move.. and into trouble!

(who me?)

But all that moving around did not prepare me for what she had up her sleeve last week. Late one night (and way past her bedtime) when she thought no one was watching, my little baby walked to me.

Walked. To. Me.

I made such a big deal about it that she shut down and went back to crawling for about a week and a half before she got up the nerve to try it again.

But today at the mall playground, she threw caution to the wind. For the rest of the day, it was all we could do to keep up. She has conquered the playground, the bowling alley, the living room and the kitchen tile. She can go barefoot or with shoes, as long as there's a snack and a smile waiting somewhere down the line.

And the girl we thought would be our laid-back baby forever has surpassed her big brother's walking milestone by almost a month.

I stayed up way too late playing with a new website a friend recommended called Animoto. I just wanted you to be able to share in our excitement. So, I hope you enjoy my feeble first attempt at creating a video!

There's something so cute about that stumbling and lurching that is typical of a new walker. Kinda like Godzilla terrorizing the village.

Only in our case, Godzilla's village consists of a 5-yr old boy who must save his video games and action figures from impending destruction.


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Surviving 4 said...

I CANNOT believe that Miss M is WALKING!!! Ty was my earliest walker (at 13 1/2 months). HOLY COW! I love the video (and the hilarious Godzilla remark, which fits...) Can't wait to see what she does next. Watch out, Drew!

Susan T-V said...

Great job on the video!! Miss M is doing so great - love to see the the little ones learning to walk - so fun!!

Two Shades of Pink said...

I really loved the video and music...It was so sweet. And even though she would do it for me in person just TWO DAYS ago, I will take it in a video. It's bittersweet that they grow so fast.

Beautiful Grace said...

Really? Walking already? Ohmyword. I love the video and she is so darn cute that I want to squeeze her.

Anonymous said...

You'd think that chunk wouldn't be able to balance those thighs!!! I love it! She is so precious.
Jennifer N


Video is great. Such a cutie!