Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ok Here Goes Nothing...

Can you really forget how to write? Every time I attempt to post ANYTHING on this blog, I am met with the most astounding distractions.

And writer's block to boot.

For instance, this week, my dear friend lost her brother in a police shooting. He was a brave officer, a hero, a man who loved Jesus, a husband, father, son, all-around great guy.

My dad has had a string of complications in his recovery process, and it seems like an even stranger complication has now arisen this week.

My father-in-law will be in the hospital for days following a hip replacement surgery. They are in Alabama, and we can't go see them or sit with them or help out with meals or chores or anything.

And a dear friend is currently suffering facial paralysis and was promptly checked into the hospital last night while they run a battery of tests.

You'd think that I'd have SOMETHING to say, since people who like to write also like to process their thoughts in writing.

But, no.... I have nothing.

Instead, here's what I was pondering this morning as I decided that I really needed to write on my blog:

I think it's kind of cool to watch this amazing balance I am observing between my two children these days.

My son is beginning to lose his baby teeth as my daughters are just breaking through for the first time.

My daughter is packing on those pudgy toddler pounds as I observe my son getting leaner, taller, downright skinnier every single day.

My son is learning to read the same exact first primary words that my daughter is beginning to mimick in speech. (Which is a pretty cool way for me to find some down-time these days. "Hey Andrew, go read that "Ball" book to your sister!)

My daughter is entering the "tantrum" phase as MERCIFULLY my son is outgrowing it.

And while we have finally conquered even nighttime without a pull-up for my son, I am looking ahead toward breaking out that potty seat for child #2!

Yes, those are the deep thoughts that have been lurking in my mind for the past month. The profound words I have chosen to write after a month-long hiatus from hitting the "publish post" button.

I trust you will gain great insight from visiting today. And I hope to be back with more before too long.

Because no matter how trivial the thoughts are, it sure feels good to be processing them!!