Monday, January 11, 2010

Cookies for A Cause

Or Kookies for a Kause, perhaps?

My favorite sweet boutique, Kookie Krums, is generously supporting a cause that's very close to my heart this month.

See the flyer below for more details.

Basically, proceeds from orders placed during the month of January will help my friend's son Jackson provide meals for families staying at the Ronald McDonald House.

Jackson and his 3 brothers live across the street from us, we go to church together, and I've made reference to their family several times through my blog. They are dear, dear friends. And I couldn't be happier to promote a way to help them help others.

If you're not familiar with Jackson's own story (and his fight against leukemia) click here for his family's Caring Bridge site.

So... do you have any occasions coming up that you could celebrate by sending someone a bouquet of cookies? Well then, scoot on over to Kookie Krums right now.

And you know what... Yeah, this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to draw one name from my comments on this post and send YOU a free cookie bouquet. And for every order YOU place with Kookie Krums, you'll get your name entered into the drawing again.

So, enter once by leaving me a comment. Enter a second, third, fourth or tenth time for each order you place there.

Comments and contest close on January 31st.

Let's help Jackson feed some families in need!


Kristen said...

Great idea! I've shared on my facebook too. :)

Anneliese Schombs-Fish said...

What a fun way to help those going through such a difficult time. Thanks!

Julie Wiederstein said...

What a neat idea! Praying that they raise money to help many families!

Christy said...

how fun! I will check this out.

Allison and Jon said...

Love this idea! I am going to be ordering a bouquet for Olivia's care coordinator at her pediatrician's office.