Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Typical Conversation

A typical conversation with Drew usually goes something like the one we had today:

"Hey Mom, If God is right here next to us, why can't I see Him?"

Well, because He's so big and so holy that you can't see Him with your human eyes... not the way you can see other people.

"What's HOLY mean?"

Um... beautiful, amazing? Here's an example. You know Moses from the Bible? Well, one time he only saw the back of God's clothes and his face glowed for weeks. Now that's a holy God!


A few minutes passed, then I heard him singing.

"Holy, Holy, Holy"

How sweet, I thought.

He continued,

"Holy Guacamole!"

Ah... that's my son.

"Hey Mom!"

Yes, Drew?

"You went to Guacamole, didn't you?"

You mean Guatemala?

"Yes, Guatemala! That's it. But they sound alike, don't they?"
"Guacamole. Guatemala."

You're right they do.

"Guacamole, Guatemala. Guacamole, Guatemala. Guacamole, Guatemala."

Yes, buddy. Good talk.


Two Shades of Pink said...

hahahahahaha! So funny!

The other day Cati and I were talking about skin color and she was showing me how hers is darker than mine. I asked her if she understood why which then the conversation segued a bit about ethnicity. Then I reminded her that she is adopted and her response was "Yup. I'm a doctor!"

Jen said...

So adorable! Totally cracking up.

Kookie Krums said...

Way too cute. I love it! I so love how their little minds work!!

Surviving 4 said...

Hilarious - that sounds about right!

Christy said...

hahah that sounds like our talk around here too! In fact, I think I'm going to go blog about it as well! :)

Adam said...

Best post ever!!! You totally worked my phrase "good talk" in without it seeming awkward!

averipeytonsmommy said...

i wish you could have heard averi giggling while i read her this post.