Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gold Stars

I am 33 years old. A college graduate. A wife of eleven years. A mother of two. Two full-time careers under my belt and two current part-time ones.

I own a car, a mortgage and even a pair of sensible shoes or two (oh, I own more shoes than that... the rest just aren't sensible).

In other words, I think I qualify as a grown-up.

So, could someone please explain, then, why a Gold Star still works as an effective form of motivation for me??

Today I attended my second Weight Watchers meeting (in completion of my first week on the program...again). I was thrilled when the lady behind the desk placed my sticker in my book.

Five pounds of weight - GONE! In one week!

I was thrilled enough with the news. But THEN...

THEN... she gave me a GOLD STAR to put in my book.

I showed it to my son when I picked him up from school.
He was thrilled for me.
Because he's FOUR YEARS OLD.
A socially acceptable age to be enamored by a sticker.

Nevertheless, my gold star is working for me today.
And I need all the motivation I can get, since there's a plate of brownies and blue-sprinkled sugar cookies sitting less than ten feet from my desk at work.

Speaking of treats - have you visited Kookie Krums yet? Don't forget to order some cookies during the month of January. All orders placed will help my friend Jackson provide meals for the Ronald McDonald house (read more here). And if you leave a comment on my post below (here), you could win a free bouquet of cookies!!

Or a pretty gold sticker.


Christina said...

5lbs in one week is awesome!! Congratulations! I'd be tickled pink with a gold star too!! I've been thinking of giving WW a shot!! Do you highly recommend their program??

Two Shades of Pink said...


Jen said...

Awesome! Good for you. Can I have a gold sticker too please? By the way, the word verification below is "potspe". Funny.

Christy said...

YOu have two part time jobs now? No wonder I don't hear from you very often, my friend! :) HOpe things are going well and congrats on 5 lbs in one week - that's so great! :)

Anneliese Schombs-Fish said...

I'm so glad that your doing so well. You're beautiful all the time,but I'm happy for you.
I was so glad to read that the gold star excited you that way. I got a smiley face and a "good job" on a tally sheet at work and was soooo excited, and then I kinda felt like a dork,because I'm not in grade school. I feel better now for sure. Ha Ha you're the best. love and miss you.