Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Table for Two"

Never have sweeter words escaped my lips.

I stole my man away last night after a last-minute phone call to the world's best babysitter (GRANDMA!).

I realized yesterday that we had not yet celebrated his birthday... and if we didn't do something last night, it would be another two weeks before we had another opportunity to be together. (Yes, our calendars are THAT full for the next couple of weeks - it's terrible).

So, Grandma came over and we hurried out. We considered dinner and a movie but never made it past dessert.

For two hours, we just sat in a restaurant and enjoyed eachother.

There were no dishes to clear away. No milk spills to clean up. No bribing any children to eat "one more bite". No crayons falling on the floor. No pacifiers falling on the floor. No spit-up or drool to wipe away. No "Shush"-ing. No rocking. No potty breaks. No diaper changes.

At our tiny little table for two, there was just good food and better conversation. We discussed the "big" topics: Kindergarten, finances, goals for the year. We discussed the little stuff, too: How much Drew liked the chicken fingers at "Red Blobsters", and how I was convinced that Miss M almost said "Thank you" the other day (she's brilliant, I tell you!).

We laughed a little and smiled a lot. We ordered dessert. I forgot about my "Points" and ate two bites of a delicious, gooey, carmel-drenched brownie topped with melting ice cream.

And the hand I grabbed as I walked back to the car was not the habitual gesture of protection, but one of affection.

When we got home, one child cried because he missed us, and the other slept soundly because, quite frankly, she didn't miss us at all.

We jumped back into bedtimes and bottles without missing a beat.

Because it was good food last night.
For our tummies and our souls!


Kristen said...

So perfect and certainly well deserved!

Two Shades of Pink said...

Oh, that is just so wonderful! I think the last time I had a date with my hubby...I almost fell walking to the bathroom for the 3rd time because I insisted on wearing heels in my 8th month of pregnancy.

Kookie Krums said...

Wow, just reading the words in the title made me give a happy sigh! So glad you had a much needed night out. I feel like I got away for a little bit just reading about it!

Christy Odom said...

I so enjoy reading your blog. You have a way of touching my heart that is just wonderful. I am very glad you guys had a lovely dinner.